My 2nd Cup of Coffee


Why I started this Blog?  Because I just hired myself as the Editor of a small but soon to be vast empire publishing company.  I know those are bold predictions but what did you expect I am 7 3 years old, I should have something to say and it can’t be contained in an e-book.  This outlet also allows me to me a marketing agent and mercantile proprietor.  All of which will come about as we continue to build Welcome along for the ride.

I am still making my way around this site and there is much that hasn’t met me eye yet.  This isn’t like which I have 3 Blogs associated with them but they were just blogs and not tied to a website as this one is.  This will ultimately become a merchant site that will sell items through ebay, personal items and what they call affiliate marketing via ads from Google.  We’ll see what sticks.  Fortunately, Naomi got a job recently and while she is in training, (even though she owned her own Bar and Grill) everyone has their own way of doing things.  She is going to be stretched thin for school supplies which I may just pick up because the GoFundMe has ground to a halt.  Tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ll work more on this site and blog.  1st Presbyterian is recognizing their 150th year of existence here in Evanston, Illinois and we will be attending a Banquet tomorrow night.  So much before we turn down the lights. The End


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