My 2nd Cup of Coffee

Did you ever experience in a restaurant that your 2nd Cup of Coffee was hotter than the first.  That use to puzzle me until I thought about what was happening.  They were taking a clean cup from a stack of cups that had been sitting for awhile and then pouring that first cup of coffee in to it.  The 2nd Cup of Coffee is being poured into your warm cup, warm from the 1st Cup.  If I were to own a restaurant that would be the first thing I would correct.  The second thing I would be certain my customers knew was that they would always receive continuous refills, for no other reason than I liked continuous refills but also it keeps you in your seat.  Maybe by the 2nd or 3rd cup you are ready to order a bagel, a muffin or even a meal.  As I sit here drinking my 1st Cup of Coffee I am warming up to other changes I would make for my restaurant and I think it would deserve more than a few paragraphs.  And here we are still on the first.  It’s early, and frankly I am not that alert just yet.  Drink up and we’ll come back for the rest.

I see, I also see I am going out on the porch and look for rodents, skunks and creatures that lurk in the dark.

You can do all kinds of cooky little things with this blog.

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