Navigating without a compass

I read briefly tonight an article about not being afraid to make mistakes.  Who me, make mistakes??  Or afraid to make mistakes.  I was working up in Winnetka, Illinois at the Congregational Church. The very same Congregational Church that rented out their parking lot as a staging area for the making of the first Home Alone, a mere half block away.  Now what was my point?  Oh yeah, making mistakes.  I was working away and what not when in dismay I pronounced, “Dang, I messed up.”  The 95 year old member of the church who was a CPA and volunteering auditing the books turned and said, “First time.”   I realized immediately what he was saying.  This is the first time you have made a mistake.  If he only knew?  All that to say, here I am taking a further step at how I am going to utilize this website as I turn it in to a mercantile emporium.  I didn’t do much today and I may not get much down in the next two days as the munchkins will be here and I’d like to get them out and do something before their summer is gone.  At this late hour I am going to call it a night.  Tomorrow is July 31st.  I should always remember to date my posts in the post to recall it a year from now and mark my progress.  Heard today that here in the Chicago area this July has been the driest July since 1936.  Fare the well July.

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