Happy Birthday August 3rd

No It’s not August 3rd’s birthday, but it is Slavicka Kasanin’s birthday, Ken Stewart, and Mary Pat Martin.  These people have lived a fair share of their life right here on earth.  Don’t you think if there were another livable planet they would have moved there by now. Case closed. I have other refutable evidence that I have secretly stored in my cave dwelling to prove that nother beings exist in the world other than those right here on earth.  Happy Birthday Folks.  (Tomorrow is Zoe’s Birthday and she will be 9.)

As far as I can determine, Joe Maddon celebrated, or at least acknowledged ‘Throwback Thursday” and he threw out there on the mound Matt Mattingly and Joe Wilson who lost to the San Diego Padres, a celler dweller team, 6 to 1.  It did not help that the Cubs only had 3 hits. I will further state why radio and TV announcers should not be homers’ or even owned by the team.  Because they get caught up kissing up to the Manager and upper echelon of team operating people.  Rizzo should not be the Lead Off Man, Alberto Alomar, Jr.  is your lead off man followed by Javier Baez,  Scwarber, Rizzo, Happ, Heward, Russel, Bote, and the Pitcher.  Joe Maddon’s Sim City Style of managing is not going to allow for the Cubs to go on a winning streak going into the Play offs.  We want our team dominating, not skidding in by the seat of our pants.  Also to be noted before running off is the fact we have traded of our future with not a whole lot to show for it.  Did you hear how elated the Pittsburgh Pirates were to get Chris Archer, a former Cub farmhand, there are so many who fit that billing who now shimmer in the sunlight for someone else that it ain’t silly, or funny.

I think a post is suppose to be at least 750 Words


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