Starting All Over Again

This site is still under construction as you may have heard.  Today, we are starting all over again.  And I suppose the first thing I need to tell you is that I like Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues and about most musical genres to tell you the truth.  You will see that interspersed throughout my writings.

As I approach my 74th year, and soon too, like next month. There’s no mountains to climb, no things to overcome, and no vision other than to cross the finish line. I’ve done most of the overcoming and mountain climbing that I am going to do.  There are those who want to push me to do more goal finding, what does God want me to do.  Well I don’t know to tell you the truth but if he has something for me I’ll be ready and if He doesn’t than I have done the best I can and we’ll live with it.

In the mean time we’ll do a lot of reviewing because as I have experienced these 74 years, like the Farmers Insurance man says I know a lot, because I have seen a lot.  Take this particular Web Site which I call Thomson Home Emporium.  It will become the merchandising arm of the publication.  Other pages will have other functions that we will bring to life as we proceed.  Other than being the Editor of a weekly Prison Publication Editor of  The Weekly Echo. for a few years all I really have is a lot of gumption.  To that end we will see what we shall see.  More to be forthcoming, that’s for sure.  And let me say,  most of y’all know me to one degree or another, you see something that might benefit this site feel free to speak up.  John C Thomson

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