Irksome Part II

David Roberts is the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The position of Manager of a baseball team comes with some DIGNITY, until you offer something to deny its presence. While the Dodgers are the clear front runners in their Division, it is by no means a given that they won’t experience some sort of catastrophic injury to say Kershaw and suffer an ignoble descent.

So, with something akin to half the season left to play, Roberts comes out with a slam against the White House to say he is not going, when he hasn’t even got the World Series in hand to even be invited. Personally, I wouldn’t give two hoots if NO SPORTS FIGURE ever goes to the White House and let me add further, for playing a game they shouldn’t even BE INVITED to the White House. So this is going to sound crazy, but since we are harkening back to olden times a lot. Let’s go back to Gladiator times and every time there is a near brawl of (one’s afraid and the other is glad of it) that all participants be escorted to the Los Angeles Coliseum and thrown into the mix with cudgels and other instruments until there is a final conqueror.

Should there be no clear winner after several reviews and protests amidst chants of We Won’t Go, bring in the Lions and Tigers. of which I have a picture of around here somewhere.

ONE MORE THING; MEN, If you always wear a suit you can use the bathroom anywhere.

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