Famous Writings

“In parties of conversation, avoid a frequent and excessive mention of your own actions and dangers. For, however agreeable it may be to yourself to mention the risks you have run, it is not equally agreeable to others to hear your adventures.” Epictetus
So this oft quoted stoic really didn’t take into account the invention of Facebook. If talking about ourselves isn’t enough, we delight in talking about other people, admirably or otherwise. Has anybody determined what gets posted the most? I’m guessing babies followed by pets, though “woe is me” has to be included in the list somewhere. So here is a story about me. While standing in a department store recently (Dillard’s in Springfield, MO.) after Mary dropped me off and went to park the car. (97°) A woman who happened to walk past me became startled and aghast, she said: “I thought you were a mannequin.” So that was only the second time my stoic motionlessness got me accused of being something I was not. The first time was when I was in the hospital sitting in the chair by my bed, wearing my white robe, (matching my white beard) and the cleaning lady came in, and seeing me move, was also startled, she said: “I thought you were a stuffed animal.” The End

Seriously, they have discovered or maybe they made an enzyme that will eat plastic. No, I don’t know who “they” are, they weren’t very explicit about that and no, they did not say if you had to feed the plastic to the enzyme or it just ate it right out of your hand, like in the middle of your chocolate smoozie or whatever those things are you keep taking pictures of and showing them to the who world on public and everything else. Who do you think I am Edward R. Murrow or somebody?

I love to see people who have it together, impeccably dressed, not a wrinkle or a spot, walking briskly, confidently, with an air of superiority. They own their world and nothing can throw them off course to admit they might have an error in their way. NO I DON’T. I want to see them, deep in the recesses of their dark spaces when they throw a fit, a tantrum of, a massive tirade for some picayune thing that so riles them, it scares them, “maybe I’m not so perfect after all.” Maybe they’re normal like us. Who though, we too pray every morning and tidy our worlds, can be thrown off course and slam doors mumble through our inconsistencies that for the grace of God it could be a lot worse. If I were too perfect, it wouldn’t be me. But I can recover, I’ve done it a million times before and whose counting anyway. Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream is not for those souls who feel every hurt, every pain, be it ours or others. Our strength lies not in our confidence but in our resiliency to stand at the end of the day, and still stand. The End

We are petitioning the courts to forfeit all fines incurred over the last half century declaring them inviolate of any said rules in the aforementioned writ of habeus corpus christi, Texas where we did not live in the half past century and heretofor when ever you mention in the previous our past it really won’t matter because we are no longer on whee witness protection plan as was recently ruled on sin subsection 401 (b) of the commonality clause.

In 334 BC the Macedonians invaded Persia but then they had a party and half the Persian
Women married half the Macedonian men, and then they traveled over deserts without the benefit of any Oasis Beef Huts, as say exist still to this day in Hazel Crest, Illinois. And as a result half of them died before the reached Babylon, Alexander made it but he would soon die after killing his best friend who had previously save Alexander’s life. Moral of the story, never save your best friend’s life, he will only come back to kill you in the end. The End’😫🎳

I called my boss on lunch break today. She said “please don’t tell me that you are leaving” “How did you know?” I replied. “We’re moving to Missouri at the end of the month”. We’re both retired now and I still see her with her Husband walking in park. Had I stayed I would have put maybe 35 years in at NU, Had a degree and wouldn’t have drifted into poverty. Never think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, especially if the other side of the fence is in Missouri.

well, this is going to be an exercise in futility. I go to sleep early for a change and wake up at 1 30, My body thought that was just a nap and woke me up to do what. I could go see what is on the TV and then fall asleep in the LaZboy. That might work. Nothing has happened in the few hours I have been asleep, I could wake up my friend down in Missouri and tell him its time to go to work but he would be mad jajajajajaj, those are suppose to be h’s but I am not going to change them. We watched Alexander last afternoon and then read about him. He’s half myth and half Macedonian I think. Son of Zeus, cousin to Appolo, Taught by Socratese, Colin O’Donnel.


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