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“In parties of conversation, avoid a frequent and excessive mention of your own actions and dangers. For, however agreeable it may be to yourself to mention the risks you have run, it is not equally agreeable to others to hear your adventures.” Epictetus
So this oft quoted stoic really didn’t take into account the invention of Facebook. If talking about ourselves isn’t enough, we delight in talking about other people, admirably or otherwise. Has anybody determined what gets posted the most? I’m guessing babies followed by pets, though “woe is me” has to be included in the list somewhere. So here is a story about me. While standing in a department store recently (Dillard’s in Springfield, MO.) after Mary dropped me off and went to park the car. (97°) A woman who happened to walk past me became startled and aghast, she said: “I thought you were a mannequin.”…

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