That 2nd Cup Of Coffee

Excuse me, you were looking for me. Big announcement this week as I officially launch my NEW Drop Shipping Store. But it’s still a mystery to me so we will both wait with anticipation. I know, I tell myself I should have done this long before now as I have wanted to get back in the earning part of life and show some productivity. For years I have watched others ‘make it’ and the learning curve hasn’t come easy much less the path I was following. My accomplishments of quitting smoking and changing my eating habits have been small victories and not of the inspirational sort that sets you off running. Even writing God’s Fingerprint was not the catalyst to begin a writing career.

A friend told me a few years back that the days of a ‘one trick pony’ are over and you need to partner up with others of a vested interest in your pursuits. Long story short I found a professional who builds websites, researches niches, writes copy and all the other minutia details that one would have to learn to establish themselves in the mercantile business on the internet. His credentials are impressive and I expect his work to be the same. As soon as I learn the Doors are open, you will be the first to know.

Enjoy the day.


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