It’s Time To Hop To It

This is what I say all the time when ever we have to go somewhere, but there’s more to it than just hopping to it. You are setting in motion the momentum that is going to carry you through it. Take now for example. I am going to get my flu shot at a Walgreens that has the super shot for seniors. They also have outstanding customer service. Yes, I will pass maybe 14 other Walgreens on my way to this particular one but that’s the price I will pay for excellence.

Yes, I know there are those but you know what? There will always be those and I am not one of those. I am not going to play Russian roulette with pneumonia. I already have the precursors for getting pneumonia, namely COPD, and NO, that is not the Chillicothe Ohio Police Department. It is Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease of which there is no known cure.

So, that’s it. LET’S HOP TO IT.

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