Just So You Understand

Just a second…why is my type so small?

Does this help? No.

Okay, we are still on “Just a second”

There Ya’ Go.

So you know I am not getting in shape to make the Olympics next year, right? In the larger sense I am doing it for myself. And too, my Cardiologist, who has labored intensively to try and get me to lose some weight which would contribute to my over all good health. The last time I saw him I thought I detected some resignation that no matter how hard he tried to motivate me I was not listening. So, for him too, I have embarked on this journey. And too, for everyone else who loves me and cares for me, for them as well.

Today, I broke the barrier of 240 at 239.4. And that has been my current target. But hold up now, we have the rest of my life to live and today 2 of the BFF’s visited and came bearing gifts (cookies), and going out to eat at a local (a block away is real local) eatery. ‘Tis the season.” Right? And as I scoured the menu, there it was, Chicken Gumbo, don’t even ask. All things considered we can rejoin the regimen tomorrow, and now that I know I can do it. I can pick the meat and leave the bones.

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