Time for that 2nd Cup of Coffee

Having passed these last 3 hours at the computer I find I have more to say. I applied for a writer’s job at an online publication that reaches 1.7 million readers of which I am one. I didn’t actually apply for the job as much as I responded to the call for a daily writer. Being a pragmatist in such matters I suggested that my experience as an Editor of a prison newspaper probably wasn’t what they were looking for but hey, you never know. So I told them my story, and ya know, there’s a lot of people who know my story. I called WMBI Moody Radio the other day to inquire about a Bible that was being mentioned on the program I was listening too and told the girl I didn’t actually want to leave a comment but just learn some information. I identified myself as having been told by a prison school teacher that God could change my life and she immediately interrupted me and said, “I know you, you’re that couple everybody here at Moody talks about all the time.” Really, I didn’t know that. But yes we have called the station more than a time or two and just last week we were on Chris Fabry and had quite a conversation with Sara Groves so yes, I guess they do know who we are.

How much does Uber X cost in Chicago? $1.70 initial fare $0.95 per mile $0.20 per minute; At times of high demand rates may change; Minimum fare is $4.60.Cancellation fee is $5.00. Tolls are additional. Prices are shown in USD; Tolls & surcharges may apply Clearly this is an assault on those who live in the Suburbs and work in the city. My 3 workers had to take a cab and hitchhike this morning to get to work. Another reason for companies to move out of the city and to the suburbs where it is more affordable. With robberies at an alarming rate these days on the El it is really scary out there

. 8:36 am and I have lost my way. Surely what I should do when I wake at 4 is to try and go back to sleep at 5 without the coffee in between. I’m falling asleep at the wheel so to speak and will e retiring for a 2 hour nap, when I shall reappear as a comet from another galaxy. The End

This is the engine for the future, you’re probably never see this anywhere else.

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