A miscarriage of Justice


I am testing whether this link or any link can so long endure as long as there are links to link too.

No other story from the annals of criminal unjustice riles me more than the arguably worst case of misjustice than that of Patricia Campbell Hearst.

To begin with, on February 4th a group of prison advocates/activists broke into the apartment of 5′ 3″ Patty Hearst. Kidnapped her at gunpoint, beat her, raped her and tortured her. She was then coerced to join this ragtag group of social misfits as they stampeded their way through bank robberies and other crimes while she lived in constant fear of her life. If I today don’t have faith in our American Way it is because of this story right here. She would later be convicted of crimes committed by her assailants and sent to prison. That today she is able to have risen above the fray and now lives and breathes as a free woman is testament to a remarkable courage not seen in this country in a long long while. Click on the link (double link) from one blog to another for the rest of herstory. I can barely stomach the retelling of what bit I could muster of strength to tell.

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