“Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

So said the little kid upon learning that the Chicago White Sox had thrown the 1919 World Series. He could not believe that his hero, Joe Jackson would do such a thing. And even though the White Sox were acquitted in a court of law, not so with Baseball Commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Joe and 7 of his teammates were banned from baseball for life.

Even legendary baseball icons Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays had been banned for their loose association with organized gambling.

Which brings us to the Cheating Houston Astros. There is no reasonable probability that baseball can redeem themselves without punishing the organizations to the fullest extent under the law. Kids from 6 years old and upward through the ranks of the game that pictures itself as the bastion for sportsmanship, fair play, honesty and integrity; cannot and must not allow the Houston Astros to go unscathed in their blatant attempt and efforts to alter the field of play in such a way as to damage the careers of others while they held the upper hand in advancing their own fortunes.

A complete Congressional Investigation should be commenced immediately at all costs to determine who was responsible and knowingly commenced in this cheating activity, to the detriment of all that’s honest and fair in this American Pastime. I am printing out this article and sending it to Congress, both the House And Senate and see who will be the most willing to undertake these proceedings. I’ll need a little help from you readers as well to send it to your representatives in Congress so that they too know the American People are as upset about this as anybody.

Public Releases should follow as well as Letters To The Editor of both print and social media outlets. If we accept this chicanery we may as well lay down and make no pretense at any form of outrage at any injustice because it will ring rather hollow.

I will be excited and anxious to see should any momentum gain steam.

John C Thomson

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