Marsha Petrie Sue said …

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that
way. Stay away from what might have been, and
look at what can be.”

I don’t know who Marsha Petrie Sue is and I am not even going to hazard a guess. As to what she says, Easier said then done. Sure it looks good on paper but pragmatically it’s not always going to apply. I stretched out my arms one morning and my hands felt the cold, hard, steel bars of my jail cell. No amount of “staying away from what might have been” was going to change the reality of what was.

On the other hand if you quantify your morning routine with your measured weight and you can step off the scale happily satisfied that you didn’t destroy yourself yesterday by eating the brownies, the ice cream and a whole host of, oh wait a minute. You caved with the chocolate long john when you went to the office. I better take my blood sugar this very minute because you might not be so proud by the next paragraph. 127, okay, not catastrophic, we do have to account for the coffee you already have had.

My point is this, we make course corrections all the time, every day, even sometimes during the day. Navigating your life on platitudes off of Facebook can be very deceiving and disappointing. We are not all playing by the same rules or circumstances. Mary misplaced her glasses overnight and we were scrambling for a minute looking for them. I knew they were not on the top of her head, as they have been in the past, but all the known places where they could possibly be were not revealing them. Then by happenstance, as she carried on in her morning routine, voila!, there they were in a drawer not known to be their harbor.

Happenstance can be a big thing and it doesn’t get it’s fair share of recognition. There can be good happenstance and bad happenstance. But I have strayed to far off course and we are going to make a course correction right here in front of your eyes. We concluded our morning ritual by weighing myself on a more factual scale. It’s one of those scales that measure %’s of body fat, muscle, water, etc. and today’s official weight is 235.2

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