How to Eat an Elephant

TV Review of ‘For Life”

The answer to this oft asked question is, one bite at a time.

I understand the producers of the show want to grab your attention by showing as much drama in the opening as they possibly could. However, the fault one often makes is taking to big a bite and sacrificing credibility for to much incredulousness. Can all that drama be involved in one man’s life in a prison setting? Movie and TV producers would have you believe that there are riots and stabbings every day. Reality would be that prisons are monotonous and mundane. I don’t know that I want to be drawn back into that milieu. It’s not entertaining. Is it true, what goes on in prison? There’s an old adage that whatever story you hear, probably has happened somewhere, just not necessarily in the story your hearing. I was almost imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit. I fled, and eventually they found who they wanted. I was also somewhat of a jailhouse lawyer, for my own purposes, and won my case in court. I also almost died in a prison hospital owing to the ineptitude of the prison doctors. So, yes there is a touch of everything going on. I would be remiss if I didn’t add, (and my upcoming 40th Anniversary wouldn’t even be a story if,) I didn’t include; I met a beautiful young lady who told me God could change my life. Those stories occur in prison as well.

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