See, I’ve Come To The Bend Where I See The Winding Road That Leads To The End

That is a lot of hardscrabble stuff that needs to be unstrung for the reader to understand just what you are saying. Provided of course you even want them to understand, now or later. We can have fun here and toy with their minds while not annoying them to the point that they don’t want to read anymore. Their time is valuable and you have to respect that.

Basically, the facts outline the premise of my proposal. I m 75 1/5 years old. I have never been this old before and don’t know if there are certain protocols that one must follow at this age that will be acceptable to the masses. Assuming the masses even matter. There is a whole thing going on right now involving who or what matters and the answer has not been clearly defined in my mind. Up until a while ago the protocols of playing the game of baseball were pretty much understood until the Houston Astros decided, you know what we aren’t playing by those sorts of rules anymore and what matters is changing also. We’ll let the future decide all that. It is not in or purview to weigh in on that.

What we are weighing in on is that Long Winding Road. Others have determined their course in life, we our determining ours. I have 4 of the 7 leading causes of death. Where I am at in any of the 4 I can not say. No Medical person has suggested that I have 6 months to live in respect to any of the 4. No Cancer is not one of them. And at this point let us be clear that car accidents, sky falling, (things falling out of the sky or even the sky itself) have not been considered in the equation.

Nextly, In respect to our health we are doing things that would in and of themselves be considered things that one would undertake to better their health. I have COPD, I quit smoking 5 1/2 years ago. I quit drinking most beverages of any sort except water, milk and coffee. I don’t eat sugar or bread, and consequently have lost a fair amount of weight in not an exaggerated amount of time. I often limit myself to one meal a day and on occasion, no meal for a particular day. FOR THE MOST PART. I celebrate meals of occasion completely, cake, ice cream, pizza, etc. I am not establishing a goal, I am establishing habits.

I have 3 years to live. That’s what I have determined. I am going to conduct my life to the best benefit I can provide it. But my bags are packed to go. This prevents any anxiety about leaving. Anything I have to do to be prepared as it were IS DONE. I’m ready now, and willing to stay as long as my body will allow. I don’t mind dying.

This doesn’t account for others. They account for themselves. I have paid my dues, suffered long enough and prepared for the finish line.

There may be much more added to this proposal over time but like the Disaster File that I have prepared for my wife and I, this covers me. Now I am going to throw this against the wall of public opinion and see what sticks. The End

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