An Assemblage of the past

So as speculation goes certain of our psychoanalytical professionals give credence to the plausibility that maybe there is something too these “past lives” theory. I think they pose the wrong hypothesis. Rather than attribute such things like deja vu to this phenomenon they should look to other possibilities. Dispensations to those who claim to have lived here before from paying taxes. After all paying taxes in a second life would violate the double jeopardy clause of double indemnity. Equally important is if you have lived here before aren’t you more likely to live again in the future so death should not be as scary a thing unless your life on earth was scary enough. Throw in the possibility of their actually being aliens from another planet and have they too lived past lives as humans and are now aliens, or vise versa? Now Ancestral trees are going to be difficult which could explain why DNA might not be as helpful as the criminal justice system seems to think it is. We could come with endless quandaries on the subject and throw in enough fifty cent words and we almost sound like professionals ourselves. After all who is there to refute what we speculate about, no one. The End

Historical Perspective

According to my weather bug I just missed Sunrise. Been doing that most of my life. This weekend we had an interesting day with one of our grandchildren being taken to the ER last night and discovering they have strep. She had been kept home from school Friday for feeling poorly so she was feeling the effects even then. She’s medicated now and all is well until the next one of us gets it. Browsing through the news of the day I see there is really a conglomeration of events traveling the country and the media is trying real hard to make them important but I don’t see the people buying that. For more pertinent historical perspectives I have been reading the Chicago Tribune from the 1860’s prior to and leading up to the Civil War. Alarmist that I am I was quite taken to see that there is much from that time period that mirrors are present circumstances and how uncanny that the issues are quite the same. Now get this, Abraham Lincoln, though today revered was not a popular President being held in disdain much the way Trump is today. Hangings were announced as events to be attended. More about this as the week unravels. The End.

Cats are considered to be fairly smart, right? So my two cats get in a fight with another cat, though Buddy was doing most of the scratching and hissing, he being the bigger one and the opposing cat wasn’t backing down either, having already been blown out of a tree with the high winds and what not. Mary came and broke up the fight but the other cat wouldn’t leave even after Mary waving several times for it to scram. Finally, Mary just pulled down the shade and all the cats went their own way. Oh, I didn’t tell you. The other cat was outside a closed window on our window sill and the only thing that took any blows was our window glass.

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