Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Eloy On Over

Here we go again with professional baseball teams trying to keep from outsmarting themselves. The Chicago Cubs may have given the Chicago White Sox their Most Valuable Player when they traded Eloy Jiminez for Jose Quintana. In the first place you never trade an everyday player for one who only plays every 5th day. But like the Cubs with their future HOF’ who plays 3B (what’s his name?) the White Sox want to take a year of playing at the Major League lever away from Eloy because they want to protect his status or some such malarkey. “One of the top prospects in the game, Jimenez was perhaps the best hitter in all the minors after getting traded from the Cubs in the Jose Quintana trade this past summer. He has monstrous raw power and an excellent hit tool, profiling very nicely as a future cleanup-hitting right fielder. The White Sox will face a difficult decision with Jimenez this season, as he could be forcing the issue for a promotion to the majors at some point this summer, but if they are disciplined enough to hold him down until April 2019, they would gain an extra year of control.” See what I mean, I hate that. But the White Sox still want to thank you Cubs for sending him over in the game of Red Rover, Red Rover send Eloy on over. And they did. Add Eloy to several other up and comers and you could see the White Sox besting the Cubs in a not to distant World Series and how sweet would that be considering Rick Renteria was dumped by the Cubs in favor of their present manager because Renteria wasn’t good enough. Now before you say that’s not going to happen you also said the Cubs weren’t going to happen. The End

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