“You’re A Blabbermouth”

I wrote this a year ago and I don’t think it included punctuation because even I was out of breath by the time I got done. What is it? My bio, meshed into one paragraph.

Before I step out today, I have already been deluged by information overload. I have heard that term for awhile now but, have never felt that it applied to me because how was one to act having been overloaded with information. I guess you start with a dazed look. Then when you write and you forget something or worse yet, somebody’s name you just say ‘what’s his name?’ That doesn’t even begin to describe the problem. Write something they say. Write what? How does that make you feel? Now you’ve done it and maybe you should step back a few paces. Really, you want to know how I feel. Let me check what the consequences might be for actually telling you how I feel. So, I was amused by this woman who decided she wanted to be in the Olympics and took, let’s say, unconventional means to get there. And then duped somebody to actually allow her to ski in an event. Her performance was underwhelming to say the least. And there are people who are upset with her that she has done this. I can understand how everyone must feel. I in part, did something similar but not as quite extraordinary. I ran for City Council of Evanston, no, that wasn’t all that out of the realm, many people run for political office, even people with records such as I have or worse than mine. Nor was it the run for the Park District, that’s the same thing. Nor was it the little class I devised to teach Creative Writing, Geography, and Math, using nothing more than baseball cards as my text. That was unique and fun, and by the way I had a class of 6 or so, did it for 3 years, got a former MLB Pitcher and Traveling Secretary of the Chicago White Sox to be our Guest Speaker at the Banquet we held at the conclusion one year. I even approached Robert Crown to host my class for which I received a class room (and they paid me). I like to start things and things that I am not suppose to be able to do. They told me and I quote, “There is no reasonable probability that you will ever live at liberty without violating the law.” So, I ran for public office, became a Notary Public, served as an Election Judge for 20 years, normal stuff, and I may have got a traffic ticket or two, and maybe the biggest thing I have done which is due in large part by this amazing woman I married, is raise a family, who now have kids of their own and made me a grandpa. On March 1st, 1978, Judy Hullings drove me to the YMCA at 832 Wabash, Chicago and I picked up my box of books never more to return to any Dept of Corrections. Except for when I returned to the same prison I left when I brought in a choir for Christmas, or basketball teams to play the men, or as a volunteer to visit the men, or actually work for the DOC as a counselor for the State Halfway House. I think I did make it to the Olympics of Life, I was reanimated and brought to life. The End

Before She was Gaga.

Today’s discussion is brought to you by In The Rear Mirror. Other people have their own opinions and I am not contending with that fact. The hardest part of halting smoking was picking a day. Should I tie it into something like the day they supposedly landed on the moon. (Man, that was so fake looking. We had nothing to compare it too.) The hardest part was having a cigarette available when you woke up the next morning. ‘Were you going to stop when you woke up or after that first cigarette and then you quit.’ The hardest part was, do I wean myself off cigarettes or use some sort of assistant approach, like patches? The hardest part was do I tell someone I am going to quit or not. People will really show themselves on this one. People who were most vocal about me quitting, dropped me like a lead balloon, once I quit. I was selfish though and that more than anything got me through. The hardest part was those first 3 days. That’s how long it takes me to break a habit. 3 days. In three days I saved $30, add $10 a day and I am on my way, and even though 95% of people who quit ‘cold turkey’ fail. Well, let’s just say I once went on a hunger strike while I was in the hole for 7 days so I know my will or is it stubbornness. ALL THAT TO SAY. You know I weigh myself every morning and for awhile now I have been hovering around the 257/8 mark. Then a few days ago after having been feeling ill for a few days, I noticed I was down to 252.8 lbs having lost 4 lbs. in about 5 or 6 days. Today I was 251.4 h’mmmm, I say to myself, I may be on to something. But I am not going to tell you what that is. We’ll see how it goes, because it could blow up overnight. The End

Zoe In The Rear Mirror

“I’m very much down to earth. Just not this earth.” Karl Lagerfield

I really don’t know why but Vonn is getting on my last nerve. Every where I turn it’s Vonn this and Vonn that. I haven’t watched one minute of the Olympics but she is really a distraction. Fred Hoiberg is another one, but I think I took a vow not to talk about the Bulls anymore so let me just move on from that. Who do I like these days? As celebrities go, no one really. The crybabies are already coming out of the woodwork over the new rules in baseball aimed at speeding up the game. I hope Contreras does make a fool out of himself because eventually they’ll put some teeth to the new rules and he’ll be catching down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama somewhere. I am excited about the White Sox core of young talent though and may fixate my allegiance on the south side where I was born and raised. Dang, I missed the news at 10. Oh well, they’ll replay it in the morning. That drive at 5 in the morning is going to be a real humdinger with the conditions being what they are going to be. And for all the talk about taking a nap this afternoon, I never did. Watched a couple of movies that I have seen scores of times and got caught up playing Tetris which I am probably going to have to throw my phone away because I am addicted. And we missed Queen Victoria on Masterpiece Theater last Sunday because we had the Charlie and Zoe show here. They’ll re-run it again a couple more times before the next and final episode plays in two weeks. They have already indicated that there will be a 3rd season. Reckon I oughta turn in for the night. On The Morrow.

I walked into a flea market in Missouri once and there sitting on a table looking all lonely for its appearance sat a stack of books. I immediately recognized them as “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar. I was amazed at the price they wanted $2. There were 8 books in the stack. I purchased 4 of them to be used as gifts for young people when they graduated high school, or college. When I went to purchase them I was further amazed!!! They wanted $2 for all 8 books. Whoa, they didn’t know the gold that laid between those covers. I was going to leave some copies so as to allow others to benefit from them but then no one had up to that point so I took them all and over the years did exactly what I had intended, gave them away as gifts to graduates. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

“Mary Munson, who got out of the Bridewell on Friday was found on the street the same afternoon very drunk and attracting a large crowd by her noise. She was arrested and discharged on promising to do better.” Mary Munson never knew, nor anyone else for that matter, that her story would be repeated 157 years later. This story is from the Chicago Tribune dated February 20, 1860. And that’s the way it was.

In the Year of my birth, 1944.

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