We Lament Alot…

We lament a lot. I am not even going to attempt to answer the many questions that arise from out Lamentations. Indeed, I cringe sometimes when I hear religious people respond so quickly with some christian retort that is not only hurtful but neglects my pain when I cry out against the injustice of a death that needn’t have happened.

Murdered on stage. Christina Grimmie

We live in a fallen world, yes that would be a true expression of our condition were it religious or not. I could easily slip into a denunciation of all the deranged people in the world but I really want to reflect on our lamentations. Since we are lamenting all the time, daily, personally, incessantly, we need, one would think anyway, I resist people saying “we need” anything. No you need to stop saying ‘we need’, you may need, I don’t. Okay, forgive me for getting sidetracked. How do we lament is a better question., because you can bet before the week is out we are going to be lamenting another horrid death or condition somewhere.

Murdered on stage. Selena

I was listening to the heart wrenching words of a woman from the Netherlands describe how she promised her son that he would be safe as he was with his older brother as they boarded Flight #17 that would be shot down by Russian missiles. There’s not enough lamenting to assuage the guilt she feels that she led her son to die. Nor would I find it manageable myself. Even Jesus, while on the Cross said; “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.”

I am not going to suggest how you deal with lamenting I can only hope and pray when it comes time for you to lament that you find a way. Peace,

The End

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