You Can’t Train A Man While In Captivity, For Liberty

Where to start? The significance of moving on March 1st. It was March 1st (1978) that I left the Federal Halfway House in Chicago and moved to a communal Church in Evanston and lived with a group of church members. THAT (moving) was not the biggest aspect of that date. GETTING OUT, was the biggest aspect, because in the 20 years, going back to when I was a 14 yr. old, I had only lived on the streets 2 1/2 years. It was because of that fact that the U. S. Parole Board stated as a disclaimer of sorts, “There is no reasonable probability that you will live at liberty without violating the law.”

When Mary told me God could change my life, and I later accepted His Son as my Saviour, He didn’t have a whole lot to work with and I had no conceptualization of how that was going to come about. I had lived in over a dozen reform schools, jails and prisons, but how to live on the streets I had never done successfully as an adult. That those people would even take me in was a miracle, and I don’t use that word loosely, but there were so many miracles before then and since then.

Let’s fast forward through these 41 years of freedom and 39 years of marriage to today. Mary, has been a stalwart of a helpmate that Jesus has provided. She is my rock here on earth as Jesus is in Heaven. There have been many, many others along the way who have contributed to get me where I am today. My best years may be behind me but there are still more before me. I haven’t done right by what God continues to give me every day and there’s a whole lot more i can do. it is with that fervor that I want to move out of the doldrums of day to day, taking my medicine and waking up each day with not a whole lot in between.

Facebook has actually contributed well to my life. Of my amount of friends, 31% are family, 24%% are from Hazel Crest (the town I grew up in my teen years) 34% from my church and 11% Friends I met along the way. None of that would have materialized were it not for Facebook.

What I want to conclude with are two things, 1) It’s not like I am dieing, I will be at and 2) I really appreciate every one of you. Thanks for the exchanges and at times, your prayers. Au Revoir

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