People Who Know Me…

It was once suggested that a 7 second delay be instituted so as to give pause to what I might say, allowing me of course to reconsider whether I really wanted to say that. People who know me, know this.

In the confines of my car I drove throughout my community to see what its inhabitants were doing. I’m not saying, because I saw in a comment in response to someone seeing children playing in the park, someone responded, “call the police.” Let me say, what I did see was encouraging and leave it to you to imagine what that might have been.

I actually had to consider what store I was going to stop at and purchase a needed gallon of milk. What store would be least populated. I had grown irritated with my source of toilet paper for charging $2 a roll and $5.50 for a brand of hand sanitizer from India. They no longer deserved my loyalty. Later I would read that those in supermarkets, cashiers and such are under great threat being exposed to the public in checking out customers. I would consider them to be essential in the market place. But still it can feel like Russian Roulette in traversing the aisles, everything is cool until someone sneezes.

I did not serve in the military as my son and 2 brothers and my sister did. I never fought in a war nor know what it was like to be ON THE FRONT LINES. But I had to consider, with few choices to obtain what I needed I had to fend for myself, and was I on the Front Lines, in doing so. It would really be bad if you were the one who brought Cyrus into your home. I do have Jesus as my shield, but I, equally acknowledge others who have died no doubt were believers as well.

While it delights me to read of those who are GIVING to the betterment of the situation there are those who are doing just the opposite and furthering the destruction of, literally, the world. Good vs Evil. I’m not comforted by your telling me it has always been that way, even when, it’s always been that way.

Our Government has been less than stellar and while what few rights we have left include free speech, I can choose not to hear it. Friends or otherwise. Until he got married, I had a close friend who it was understood, he and I were diametrically opposed to each others political beliefs. We respected each other’s friendship more than our right to spout off about what we believed politically. That is rare and almost unheard of on Facebook. Not only do I tire of that, but when I weighed the outcome of all this and the unlikelihood that I am going to come through it, I decided I’d much rather devoid myself of a friendship than to accept their onslaught on my ears.

Which is why I was going to take a furlough from FB, but again as PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME, will attest. He’ll be back. True, you know me too well, but if we are going to heal, which I have extreme doubts, then people have to start being and showing conciliatory attitudes. I don’t see that. What I see is the spewing of hate and venom. And I can protect my eyes and ears with the click of a button. It’s not likely we’re ever going to see each again anyway. The End

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