Back to the drawing board

Why? Just because. That’s all you need to know. There’s a whole lot more to tell you about but it isn’t necessary that you hear it all. Unless. You really want to know.

I started my day in anticipation of a sweltering, broiling, ratcheted up heat wave. So I hurried to my porch. grabbed my books and pulled down the sun screen. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” My thoughtful wife asked me. “Please?” I replied.

I have way to much to untangle today and where to start is anybodies guess. I told myself last night, after discovering that I’ve had this ‘bought and paid for’ course in setting up a Word Press Website, that I needed to finish setting up the website that I already have. Then there’s the writing course that I have from Great Courses (on video) that has been collecting dust for awhile now. Okay, and what about your manuscript that you shelved after printing our several copies that needs a re-draft/re-write now that your studying How To Write Great Sentences.?

What about Artificial Intelligence and Robots and Automation and Abraham Lincoln and John Perkins (whose children I knew and worked with by the way) All books that I am reading currently. It’s 10:35 am, I best get back out on that porch before the sun comes down on me like a Elton John song.

Folgers in your cup, the best part of waking up

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