Matthew McConaughey Has Something to say to the American People

Sure he does, along with 50 Cent, Herschel Walker and Miley Cyrus, I suppose. They along with over 300 million other people have something to say to the American People as well.

I have never had an ego so I don’t know what it is that drives people to continue on even when they can just sit back and cruise on automatic. I saw the other day that Yadier Molina was going to sign on for two more years playing catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Yadier has played so long I think the first player he threw out at second was Shoeless Joe Jackson of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. Give it up man, we know its not the money and ‘as they say’ you can’t take it with you. Or can you? I suppose you could pile it in your casket to keep other people from having it.

I don’t have anything to say to the American People or any other people for that matter. Go on with you bad self and bippitty bop down Broadway. I carry on and get out of life just about what I put into it. I have put aside most things that require an over abundance of ambition, writing, making money on the internet, anything that has anything to do with learning something new. I do pay attention to money, making sure we live within the boundaries of our means.

I have grandchildren and they like no other keep me interested in living and watching them grow. I do worry that they are not going to understand this time we are living in. Heck, I don’t even understand. Geeeze, some of these people…where did they come from. Well, just leave it alone and keep on keeping on. Hang in their folks the best way you know how. We will definitely not look back on these times and laugh about it. I guess I had a little something to say to the American people after all.

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