While unrealistic when Tony and Frank, and now a whole assortment of singers, sang it. Now, it’s almost in reach. Predictions are there will be private citizens flying to the moon before the year is out. Preposterous, I know, but the amount of chatter that comes out of people’s mouths these days looms large for our newest Olympic sport, World’s Fastest Motormouth.

In the year 1985, engineers at the University of Wisconsin had a Eureka moment.

They discovered that an element in a sample brought down from the moon in Apollo 17… is packed with tremendous “wealth-creating potential.”

Just one of the elements could fetch up to an estimated $3 million.

Just so you get an idea, one space shuttle payload of the element can power the entire US for a whole year.

The best part is, according to my calculations, there is enough of the element in the lunar topsoil to power the entire world for over 1000 years.

No wonder this element is being called as the holy-grail of energy.

But wait, there’s more.” (Almost sounds like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny).

I really didn’t intend to launch (pun) into an expose on the next better mouse trap but there it was in my most recent newsletter about things to come. As if we don’t have enough blather about what’s to come here on earth as it is.

Which brings me to Liam Ridalgo. I have never heard of him and yet he is or was the best reliever in baseball last year. You remember last year, don’t you. A schedule that included, what, 34 games, not counting the playoffs. And now the Chicago White Sox have him for one year at $54 million dollars. Are you kidding me? On the other hand the Cubs are continuing there take out the trash campaign and letting players go as fast as they can get rid of them. Bah Humbug. we’ve got an invasion imminently arriving and it’s none of the candidates that you have readily on the tip of your lips and you may actually know them, on a personal level. They could even be the neighbors boy you saw grow up and is now a member of the National Guard. Scary…

The End

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