I was on the Radio Today

Had she been shy, and never said: “It was good to see you in church yesterday.” I wouldn’t know any of you and who knows where I would be. My friend posted this and as I pondered its truth I thought, had Mary said nothing at all, I had no basis for starting a conversation with her. I didn’t even think women should be working in a prison and still don’t by the way, so it was definitely on her to open the conversation. As for sitting on the sideline I can be selectively reserved at times. Maybe I don’t care to meet the people I am thrown in with so why would I introduce myself. Other times when having sensed that the crowd is an amiable one I openly do introduce myself. When I am in my daughter’s environment they are often asking others, “Have you met my dad?” Once, a man spoke to me so incoherently that I had absolutely no idea what he said, so I felt it safe to just say, “I am the Father of the Bride.” To which he stupifyingly said, “that’s what I asked you.” Okay, lighten up on the Jameson next time.”So often we turn meeting others into some big complicated thing. Too often we stay on the sidelines, hesitant to reach out and introduce ourselves. Settling for loneliness or the companionship of a handheld rather than facing an awkward hello. And I wonder how many relationships are missed when we let fear win and don’t take the simple advice our moms gave us. The next time we find ourselves on the sidelines, it might be up to us to make the first move. Let’s put ourselves out there. And say hello. We just might find the friend of a lifetime.” ~ Tammie Haveman

This opening line begs to be written and I shan’t disappoint it. Not since the 1919 debacle of the White Sox scandal of allegedly throwing the World Series has Chicago suffered such ignominious defeat as has been delivered to the faithful fans on the Northside. I swear the fans should boycott these feeble excuses from the management to the front office and even the announcers who have covered for them all year. BUT WAAAAIT. These are the Cubs we’re talking about. If they were going to fold, this is exactly the script, the narrative they would write. Good old Casey At The Bat type of futility. They couldn’t follow the route of demise as most ordinary teams follow. They would have to embellish their fatality to the point of almost being felt sorry for. But NOT this year you sad sacks of beer bellys full of suds and are millions of dollars in salaries you have managed to stuff your pockets with. You need to come out with a full page ad in the Tribune and apologize for your pathetic performance. I may get to sleep tonight now that I have vented my frustrations. Don’t expect me to come crawling back. I’m Done.

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Charlie and Zoe enjoying the summer’s past.


The above line is a test, but should it publish, here’s how to listen to my call in today Scroll down the page til you see the LISTEN button, move the cursor to the 1:13:20 mark to hear my call in to the show.

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