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If we stay in this prison to long we will go insane but not the insanity we equate with Clockwork Orange, no this insanity has a new name, called; The New Normal. You many have heard about it. Anyway, back to my posts from the Vault.

I so forgot I stayed up to late watching this particular movie whose title I don’t recall. The more I watched it the more I realized that I had seen it before, but now I have to watch it til the end because with most movies I watch, well, I have this little quirk, I don’t watch the ending. The reason being is that I know I am going to watch it again, and then I’ll watch the ending. This must have been one of those movies because the ending was not familiar and was kind of lame anyway. Now remakes are remakes and we are seeing a lot of those these days, months, years and none of them are as good as the originals. But there is another thing to be alert for, and that is repeat plots or partial repeat plots and they always stick out like a sore thumb. Now if you are not familiar with that saying ‘sore thumb’ take a hammer and, oh forget it. You’ll know it when it happens that’s for sure. Usually you get Noon Time Music Hour at this time but since my day didn’t start until 11 30 (ah the life of a retiree) we’ll cancel that today and pick it up tomorrow. In the mean time we’ll meander through the rest of the day like it’s the most important day of ones like. Which we know it isn’t. The End

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My Rose Of Tralee

For as long as I can remember the old adage is that if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. That might seem a bit harsh considering we’re talking about baseball, but I have recently come to the conclusion that the outcome is not as important as the narrative. So, for the last 3 games in a row the Milwaukee Brewers lost all 3 games in the last inning by 1 run. And today seemed to for all intents and purposes looked like it was going to happen again. BUT, Marvelous Mad Maddon, went to the well once to often. I don’t necessarily blame him entirely, because his bull pen had been letting him down. But, if you keep throwing the same man out there time after time then the opposition gets all that much more time to figure him out. And they figured him out today. Tomorrow will probably be a 15 to 14 run game.

Can you believe that these two immortal greats were once banned from baseball for gambling. And look at today.
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And who praytell, is this, Johnnie Evers, Joe Tinker, or Frank Chance?
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The last know picture of my brother Micheal digging me out of a snow storm.
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How we doing Gran’pa? We had our day in the sun, son. Now we wait another 108 years.

Prophecy is God’s Resume of what He said was going to happen and what happened. Revelation is what is to come. No famous writer or theologian or prominent Religious leader said this. I said it. The way you tell if a prophecy is true or not is; did it come true? So if God’s word has been true so far, I’d say there is a good chance the rest is going to be true also. Now the prophets received their prophecy from the Spirit of God, so before someone starts turning the word of God to fit their own image and agenda they might want to see how that worked for those who disparaged God’s Word in the Bible. The fine print reads, alter at your own risk. ~ 30 ~


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