Another Spooky Test

As I proceeded to move from my stopped position at the Stop sign I hear a horn blaring and to my lackadaisical astonishment see out of my peripheral left eye a car coming at my broadside. I didn’t panic nor did I speed up uncontrollably, the fact is I didn’t speed up at all. He did not appear to be braking but no doubt he was not aware of the last car that came speeding at me, and I mean really speeding. Michael, my brother was with me and were he still here with me, he’s not, he died about 4 years ago. Well, in that instance the car disappeared. We don’t know what happened to it. Gone!! Nevertheless, I proceeded as I was doing in the first place and proceeded to circumnavigate the parking lot to find myself a convenient place to park and enter the store at which Mary was going to shop. I all the while lounged myself in Starbucks and wolfed down a fudge brownie and a Hot Chocolate albeit without my mask on because I was eating and drinking. End of Story.

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