A Cornucopia of writings from Nov. 9th (in the past)

You might think we live this nice quiet genteel life being retired and all. And of course, I am speaking of myself in the duality of my existence. I am not the same person throughout my day. It’s not like the 3 Faces Of Eve or the 7 ‘whatever’s” of Sybil, I forgot what that was, but my personality for the moment changes to fit the moment. Take today, for example, a trip to the hospital? I don’t expect the cardiogram to reveal anything disturbingly new, but it’s the process of going to the hospital and being subjected to, ” do this, do that” And when they’re nice and polite then I’m thrown off balance because they are not always “nice and polite”. Then to the Doctor’s office which the very technician who performed the Echo gram pushed me in a wheelchair clear to the other side of the hospital all the way to the West Tower. Okay, we’re still in the same building, not Jerusalem or anything like that. We had a long extended talk with the Dr. and after his probing and blood pressure routine which he was somewhat amazed at how calm I was, He suggested we could make an appointment for X-rays or do it now. We voted “Do it now.” We were already here and a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush and I have no idea if that applied here or not. We actually walk the excruciating walk all the way back over to where we had come from and then it did seem as if we had traveled to Jerusalem. X-rays completed, she again, another technician this time, wheeled me to the front where Mary went and got the car and took me home. Just writing about has worn me out, so I took a nap The End

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

My doctor gave me a bottle of Ice Mountain water while I was in his office. On the way out I noticed how cold the water was in the fountains. SINCE Fountains rhymes with Mountains I am going back every day to fill up my Mountain bottle with Fountain water, It’s cold, and it’s free. If I keep the guest pass that I have on today I should be able to just walk right in, sit right down, daddy let your mind go on. I’m sure there were other benefits from seeing the Doctor, like getting X-rays of my lower Delta to see how much Arthur-itice I actually do have. Like is there cartilage missing or two? The Echo Cardio Gramist didn’t see anything alarming enough to have me committed. or was that admitted? Am I getting old or are these taxidermists that pushes you around getting younger and younger? Now I have to rest up before taking my car into the shop to see the car doctor.

The Chicago Cubs were not the only ones to bring a miracle to 2016, Donald J Trump just shocked the world and won the President of the United States of America.

guess I will take the statement that seems to be trending now. “no matter who wins.” Well, I am afraid that it matters a lot to each side and to each side’s supporters as well. Each candidate has been so vilified and denigrated that even if they themselves can let it roll off their back, doesn’t mean the supporters will feel so forgiving. There has been a lot of mean-spirited stuff said and done to each side. So what do you want to add to “no matter who wins.” It’s not over, It’s not over in congress and it’s not over in the streets.

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