This That And The Other

In every ounce of sanity, I think there is a kernel of insanity. Not too many mind you, just enough to give you balance. If you are too sane you run the risk of lacking the resiliency and grit needed to handle the maniacal mundane of the world. The craziness of this past year has become the norm, we’re getting used to it, expecting it, and walking right on by it.

I just read in a book about Mental Messiness that what was once said an apple a day keeps a doctor away, has become a doctor a day takes his own life. I over the course of the past 45 years have had two members of our family commit suicide. Many pay attention to their physical well-being using a bicycle and other like apparatuses. But what about our mind, how do we treat our mind? Is there a neurocycle for the maintenance of the mind? Recently in Chicago, 2 police officers have taken their own lives. I dare say that the totality of the damage of the pandemic is far from conclusive when it comes to just counting the deaths. Even the counting of deaths may be causing further damage along with the constant bombardment of negative consequences fall out from the news, and yes, Dr. Fauci. Our minds are delicate instruments and if not handled and managed well they can go haywire and you add tragedy on top of tragedy. Let me just grab a brief paragraph to bring to life why our country’s longevity is NOW trending downward. (The stark reality is that Americans are dying as a result of drug and alcohol-related causes as well as the sobering reality of suicide. So, drugs, alcohol, and depression resulting in suicide are rising at a fast enough rate to offset the increases.) This may not be the medium or time of day to be absorbing this warning but when we don’t stay awake the time will come when like that 3rd segment of society we will be standing there with our hands in the air and saying WHAT HAPPENED?

A lot nearer with each passing day. America cannot sustain a Nation much less an economy where the political divide isn’t even relevant anymore. We have much bigger fish to fry. With each failure to contain people coming from Italy and riding our commuter railways to others leaving cruise ships and infecting our public school systems it won’t be long before wide swaths of our country are walled off under self arrests orders. It’s not the Cyrus that is going to destroy this country it is going to be the mass hysteria that persists endlessly trumpeted by your nightly news. I’ll be pouring over my disaster files and Insurance Policies to make sure everything is in order for our burial. At least I got to see the Cubs win a World Series, however LUCKY they were that year.

I saw a 50° forecast for next week and we broke out the grill and cooked up a mess o’ collard greens, ham hocks, and pigs’ feet. Put that in your forecast. Course I leave that sort of thing for the young folks these days, I just sit on my porch and watch them scurry around, getting all the fixings ready and whatnot. Soon as they bring out the corn on the cob I have to go inside because I only have 7 teeth. Someone suggested that they could scrape off the corn, but then it’s not corn on the cob now is it. Besides people getting all excited about corn now, but did you know, hold on to your socks, there is NO nutritional value to corn whatsoever. Must just taste good, or your thinking at least I am eating my vegetables. If they ever have a broccoli eating contest I have a child I want to put into the competition and she will hand down win no questions asked. Pretty pronto now I have to high tail it over to the Kimbell Center and join less than 100 men for breakfast as we continue to study what it means to be a wise guy, and NO I am not talking about GOODFELLAS kind of wise guys. Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ….wiseguy

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