“My Heart Is Broken”

So says the superintendent of the Elementary School in Texas where 18 children and 3 adults were murdered today in a hail of gunfire from an 18-year-old.  I too, say My Heart Is Broken.  I am calling a pause on my life for a while.  This is too much to just keep on keeping on amidst this distraught and devastating news.  My grandson graduates from grade school this week and I don’t want to imagine how those parents feel right now.  Please don’t tell me God is sovereign because that’s not what I want to hear.  In fact, hearing nothing is better. To the Kraken book club, I won’t be available Friday. Nor, to the Chesleys’ will I be available on Saturday.  I may even delay my pacemaker as well.  Don’t pray for me, pray for the families of those whose children are dead.  And as I close out this email, the count has risen to 19 children.   John

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