Black Metal Lunch Box

As I stared out the cell block window, I could see the Court House adjacent to the St. Louis City Jail. With half my life languishing in jails, reformatories and prisons a review of my life was a quick study. I asked myself the proverbial “why me.” None of my friends were going to prison, none of my 9 siblings were going to prison, why me?

As 5 O’clock approached I noticed one particular person leaving the courthouse. He did not appear to be a lawyer, or any number of other individuals who frequent the courthouse every day. In fact, from his dress attire, a dark blue khaki uniform, he looked the part of a janitor, carrying a black metal lunch box.

I thought to myself, ‘now why can’t I be satisfied with that?’ A steady job with a family to come home to every night. As soon as I thought it, I dismissed it as wishful thinking. In despair, I resigned myself to live the rest of my life in prison.

I reversed my initial plea of Guilty to Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, partially because I thought if I could be sent to a mental institution they might discover what was psychologically wrong with me. Subsequently, they sent me to the U. S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Mo.

For brevity’s sake to reveal my most unusual gift the story hurries through meeting a prison school teacher who tells me God can change my life. At first I doubt that He could but what if she is right so I accept Christ as my savior and HE DOES. 6 1/2 years later I am released and the school teacher and I are married, (and have been these 43 years). My most unusual gift:


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