Frankly, I’m Worried

And you should be too. The collapse of 2 banks, with further collapses in the offing, suggests to me that 2008 is all over again. The first step to take is to make as much of your finances as liquid as possible. That means you can take it out immediately and easily. Retirement accounts and annuities that are invested in the market are vulnerable. I would seek the counsel of financial advisors as soon as you can. The financial sky falling would not be an invalid estimation at this time. Charles Schwab lost 3 Billion dollars on the one bank alone. Yes, this sounds paranoid but it is a good time to be paranoid. I’m not saying pull all your money out of banks and stuff it under your mattress, yet. And I hope that’s not something we have to do. We have lost a considerable amount of money in IRA’s already. The Stock Market would have to make a major readjustment for us to be able to return to previous balances. Any more bank failures could trigger a crash. Money Gurus make a living on the ‘sky is falling approach, and now they have severe evidence that it just may.

In conclusion, as to the things I have stated, pick the meat and leave the bones. Do your “due diligence” as they say. May God’s protection be with you.

Your Brother, In Christ


One thought on “Frankly, I’m Worried

  1. Read all your posts this AM in reverse order-last first-while sitting in my Mazda dealership at Howard and McCormick behind Jewel next door to Vineyard Fellowship. Your prose is lean. Look forward to more.


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