Ramblings of a ‘rambling man’

Don’t you just hate how old people have to report their weight loss every day like it’s the stock market and their blood sugar like it’s the Dow Jones? So I have been whittling my blood sugar to 118 and my weight inching to 242.2 at almost a pound a day. I’ll be back to beach weight with a svelte figure soon. Don’t say DIET because it had the word die in it. I wouldn’t say I have a regimen, either. I cut out sugar and TRY to not eat after 7. I don’t overeat before 7, either.

Tomorrow is an unexpected doctor’s visit after my recent crash into the cement 10 days ago. The pain is still lingering, but the bright news is that the calamity may have set in motion the weight loss. What would you rather have, dive-bombing into the ground at 253 lbs or considerably less?

We haven’t started this year yet, but some NEW things have happened. After attending our new church for over 10 years, we decided to join. Only to learn that our pastor of 10 years plus is leaving, when he was one of the reasons we joined. We’ll be keeping our eye on and our vote on that one.

What I am really doing this morning is trying to establish the habit of writing every morning and doing so on my web page, which at this point looks more like what it is, A BLOG that gets shared to FB and eventually a mailing list of family and friends.

One of the best pictures I ever took. Brendan and Naomi at the Easter Balloon Release way back in the day.

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