That’s about the size of it. Pondering. Facing a week’s worth of activities of this, that, and the other. 10% of it may be necessary. The rest is only to fill the void or the gap between today and the following Monday. The relief I thought I would find from filing the taxes is absent. There is a platitude that says, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” This has been so true in my life before and after.

I have to hop to it now; scheduled activities are fast approaching. See you later.

So now it’s later, and I am adding to an already published post, and it seems I should either know this answer or it’s unimportant. Let’s go with unimportant.

First, we had Physical Therapy with my past therapist, who seems more like a friend than a professional, but I treat her as a professional; and given the task of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, she is more than capable and qualified. I just have to do the homework for the exercises she gives me. Doubling up on the workload, we next went to my personal coach, who is tasked with the same goal of putting Humpty together again, but she targets other aspects of my routine. Future weeks will not see me going to both on the same day.

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