Less We Never Forget What They Did To Us

Chicago and Illinois were already a backward city and state it is no wonder they are going to go down the tubes. It’s not the Governor’s or the Mayor’s money they are losing so what do they care. Chicago is not the Windy City for its wind it is for Windbag politicians who talk loud and say nothing. Tyrants!!!

The $1,200 relief payments from the U.S. Treasury will help, but that money will likely go to rent, food, and medicine. The generous unemployment benefits Congress approved will run out at the end of July — right about when many landlords expect people to pay full rent again plus any rent they missed this spring.

The nation is already experiencing modern-day bread lines as Americans flock to food banks after just a few weeks of the massive unemployment spike. On Friday, Dustin Sider, pastor of Fairland Church in the small town of Cleona, Pa., posted a message on Facebook offering 2,700 eggs free to anyone who needed them. A farmer had donated the eggs to the church. Sider figured it would take a few days to get rid of them. Instead, they were gone in 28 minutes.

“I pretty much stood in the parking lot until 5 p.m. and kept telling people, ‘Sorry, we’re all out.’ The cars just kept on coming,” said Sider. “Many said they were laid off.”

As people lose jobs, they stop paying their rent or mortgages, which can lead to eviction and a bad credit rating that drags them down for years. They lose health insurance and possibly their cars. Often, they lose hope. Many economists say this is the scenario the nation needs to avoid, and policymakers could be doing a much better job trying to prevent this.

I feel the saddest in the quiet of these lonely hours. This hurts, and it is painful. Any exercise to make it feel normal is an act of futility. There is too much judgment and too little walking in another man’s shoes. I have spent 20 years in institutions too numerous to mention, and I know desperation and despair; I have spent tortured nights chained to bars and tied up like cattle to a bed on the floor. What does this have to do with what is going on now? Plenty…

It goes without saying that people are desperate and despairing, having lost their jobs and their security, and all they hear ringing in their ears is STAY AT HOME; you are saving lives. What about their lives as they drive in lines of a hundred cars waiting for a handout. DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS TO THE STORE. But she is a single mother without child support because the baby’s dad is out of work and homeless himself. I’m not making this up; I know these people. These are sad and not even the most painful of things. Your mother or father lay dying in ICU, and only the gracious act of an angel holding a sign in the window saying she would stay with him until he passes so he or she would not die alone.

Some people will try to avoid sadness and keep a sense of tranquility. So sad for you. Others will have no choice but to add each day of suffering to a forgone conclusion that soon they, too, will die alone. “There but for the Grace of God go I”, should be the mantle over your doorway.

This is not uplifting, nor do I want it to be. I want you to feel the pain, if it’s even possible for you to do so, I want to rattle the bars of my cell so loudly that somebody will hear and notice the silent cries in the night that echo to nowhere…As I have done so many times before. The End

So my friend has been unemployed for awhile now. We could spend a few articles on this subject but i won’t. Fortunate for him he has a saint of a friend who has let him stay with him until he gets back on his feet. About some time last week he secured a job. He started his first 8pm to 8 am shift last night. OH, did I mention he is working for a weiner making manufacturer? I can only imagine. You know how it is after you have been out of work for awhile and FINALLY get a job. Of course he has to wait the usual two weeks for that first paycheck, but still, your back to work. This morning he sent me a 3 word chat message. “Please shoot me.” So I already said, I can only imagine. I asked him if he could hang in there? He said, “I always hang in there.” And to his credit,. HE DOES. The End

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