1,000 Years Old

John and Mary Thomson who have came many more miles than they have traveled. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. But there are those who know and to them…Thank You

I didn’t need the wheelchair for anything other than traveling through the Chicago Botanical Garden. So, I could have gotten out of the chair to take pictures but after about an hour an half I was acclimated to just sitting, I just sat.

We had another friend with us, her name is Angel, and was she ever. Angel arrived in America 6 months ago, she is a post doc graduate at Northwestern University and works as a researcher in the Chemistry Dept. She also attends 1st Presbyterian Church. We sort of have adopted each other in our roles helping her acclimate to America and as social companions as well. Our favorite go to place is Panera Bread which is where we went after our trip to the Gardens. And did I fail to mention, Angel is from India.

Oh, and the 1,000 years reference was for the Bonsai Tree behind us and not for me. I am officially 78 1/2 years old.

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