Morning Chases Night Away

Even as the night goes unwillingly and it’s darkness clings to the remaining hours not even the fumbling fingers of an old man on a keyboard can withstand lightnesses early arrival. I’ll pay for this later I tell myself but laying claim to these early morning routines allows me the tranquility that only me, the birds, and a few moist worms can enjoy alone for our reprieve.

I have had a hint at the news while waiting for the water to boil for the coffee and I won’t be turning that back on. One of my tasks that awaits me is how to disconnect cable while keeping my landline phone and the internet.

Hope springs eternal is still the mantra with the weather though compared to other parts of our country we really don’t have anything to complain about. Playing with fonts and opening size letters are all I can do to keep my fingers moving. Where did the Tiger go that I had planned to feature in this article. Let me go try and find him.

8 Blocks

So, I know that rapper Eminem recorded 8 Mile and that leaves me with a ways to go however, today, some 9 days after I received a pacemaker I walked 8 blocks. That’s 8 times the distance I could barely stand to walk in the past year. To say I am elated would be an understatement. Can you imagine the possibilities? I might even return to work. Once I couldn’t wait to retire I am now ramped up to get out there and see what I can do. HOWEVER, there is the fine print, and I have to be in drydock another 5 to 7 weeks. Don’t overdo it, get rest, don’t raise your left arm over your head, etc., etc. Fine, I haven’t done anything in 17 years so I guess I can wait 7 more weeks.

Welcome to my Website is my newest website. That is my (dot) com domain name. I am now the proud owner of a domain. Lions have domains, tigers too, I guess, but, this one is mine. Being new and all it is considered UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Therefore, there’s not a lot to see right now.

You were looking for me, right? Here I am.

“My Heart Is Broken”

So says the superintendent of the Elementary School in Texas where 18 children and 3 adults were murdered today in a hail of gunfire from an 18-year-old.  I too, say My Heart Is Broken.  I am calling a pause on my life for a while.  This is too much to just keep on keeping on amidst this distraught and devastating news.  My grandson graduates from grade school this week and I don’t want to imagine how those parents feel right now.  Please don’t tell me God is sovereign because that’s not what I want to hear.  In fact, hearing nothing is better. To the Kraken book club, I won’t be available Friday. Nor, to the Chesleys’ will I be available on Saturday.  I may even delay my pacemaker as well.  Don’t pray for me, pray for the families of those whose children are dead.  And as I close out this email, the count has risen to 19 children.   John