MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year!

For ‘little johnny thomson’, that’s me, Christmas is the last day of the present year and tomorrow begins my NEW YEAR. 3 months into my 79th year I have discovered what resolutions are for. Resolutions are to write about. Experience has taught you that you’re not going to keep your New Year’s Resolutions but at least you can write about them. If you post them on Facebook, MEMORIES is going to come along the following year and remind you of what you didn’t accomplish.

So, let’s begin, and importance is not necessarily in the order as they are written. We could measure what we DID DO last year and scratch them off the list. 1)NO NEWS, when ever possible. Most of the time that will prove to be impossible. Another measure of age and all the past resolutions you didn’t keep is the truth that, ‘come on,’ after all these years of inactivity you are going to ‘start exercising, start walking, lose weight (?) eat healthier, (you started this morning with a cookie and a glass of milk, what did you do, just come down the chimney with a HO HO HO)

The beauty about ‘Edit’ buttons is that you can come back and add to the article without posting another post. It’s proving to be at least a week before all of the 4 people who are going to read your published work of art to actually read it. That’s okay, you get more reminders of folks birthdays who use to be on your list than actually who are on your list. So many people have died of recent vintage I have to check and be sure not wish someone a Happy Birthday who has already passed away. Even though, many folks do wish birthday greetings to folks who are in Heaven.

Add another friend to Mary’s list of newly acquired friends Mary has made this year. The most recent being Angel, who is from India and Miriam who is from Haiti. These are real people in real time and not on FB. Add these to Mary’s friend Eysha from Turkey, Savannah from Syria and Emma from Florida and you have the makings of an International gathering for next years Thanksgiving celebration.

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