July 31st

Seeing the post about the Old Joint brought back ‘the hell years’ of my life.  One doesn’t really want to dwell to much on the past, not that past.  I could relive it in living color but what would that serve me.

Word Press is doing something tomorrow, August 1st, that is going to prohibit me from posting on Facebook directly from this site.  This blog is only a part of a larger site that I hope to transform to a merchandise site, Thomson Home Emporium.  As I have indicated, it is a work in progress.  I see what’s missing. where is the function to add photos?  Maybe that’s part of the learning curve I have yet to learn. Or is it I have bypassed that point by going straight to writing text?  Possibly so.

I don’t think it’s true but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Day Time Soap Opera “As The World Turns”  adds the words “Out of Control”  I suppose you would have to chart a new plot line but the truth is I have never watched a soap opera in my life so I have no idea what goes on with them.  Actually, it would be terribly difficult to portray the world as it is in a reality sense.  Well, you could just compile all the newscasts and hit them with the reality of the world and you wouldn’t need to pay any actors to do it.  Just watch Chicago’s 10 O’Clock news and one story after another is one murder after another with a little weather thrown in to break the monotony of it all.

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