Valentine’s Day from year”s gone by

Uncanny how as year’s go by the plateware stays the same only those sitting around the table change. This year our son, Brendan joined us but we didn’t take any pictures.

Today is hosting a plethora of events, none planned, they’re just happening.

As I stepped out of my vehicle this morning a swarm of B-52 Bombers swarmed over head. Looking skyward, in perfect V formation, I could scarcely see them as they came into view, geese; heading to Millenium Park no doubt to maybe catch some of the stars from last nights NBA All Star Game.

Our Geese, Chicago’s geese, no longer fly south for the winter, Canadian or other wise. And the flocks they are a-growin’. No longer satisfied to exclusively call golf fields their home, they will settle down in any open space they can lay claim too. Would that be a sight for Wrigley Field, already often abundantly covered by sea-gulls and pigeons, let’s add geese to the mix and really be entertained. Unlike Randy Johnson who threw over 100 mph, the Cub pitchers have been known to throw lollipops that no amount of cheating by the Astros could ever decipher.

Strolling through the marketplace as I was, there was Erika and her husband. I don’t know where they live but I see them often enough, on the streets, in the stores, passing through the park. Let me figure this out, math comes slow sometime, 1984. The year our daughter Naomi was born, the year we moved to Missouri, the year the Cubs won their division only to be dismayed as I was, to see the ball dribble through the outstretched glove of their first baseman, Leon Durham. 36 years ago. I called Erika during lunch break. She answered by saying, “I hope this is not one more call that you are leaving.”
Actually, Erika, I am. Erika was my Supervisor in the University Relations Department at Northwestern University, where I worked as the Accounting Clerk II. I had been there 3 years and there really wasn’t any reason to leave, other than I thought the grass was greener down in Missouri. Trust me, it isn’t.

I continued my shopping, picking up 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk, a packaged slab of bacon (made real sure it was processed in America) 2 pieces of Carrot Cake, (our wedding cake) and 2 Belated Valentine Cards for my wife. Are there such things as Belated Valentine Cards? No, but I have known my wife for 48 years, I think she’ll give me a pass. The End.

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