Last Post and Testament

THIS MAY BE MY LAST POST (for a while anyways) I know, I know, here we go again but, that’s not necessarily true. A few years ago, my Doctor told me (as for my health) I was in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter of my life. I think he was trying to motivate me to taking my life’s health a lot more seriously.

As time moved on, I ballooned to 262 lbs. Which is a lot for me. We had been in Springfield, MO. at the time and I vowed when I got back, I was going on a NO SUGAR/NO BREAD covenant. I threw in a personalized version of an attempt at ‘intermittent fasting’ routine. These efforts along with visiting an acupuncturist resulted in not only losing 30 lbs. in a short amount of time but it cured me of my psoriasis 100%. All that to say this, I am returning to these efforts beginning tomorrow, Sept. 1st.

I love nay-sayers and doubters who even with my record of overcoming a multitude of obstacles in the last 50 years don’t believe I can accomplish this endeavor. The truth is, I have already done it. It’s not me doing the doing, it’s Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who are behind and responsible for everything thus far. Was it not so I would still be in prison, not married and doing life without parole? So, doubter’s, it’s not me you’re contending with now, is it?

My weight and health are not all that is needing to be addressed at this time. I do recognize that I am in the 4th quarter of my life and what with the temerity of this man-made plague one never knows when the end will come. As Queen Ester said in scripture when faced with a tumultuous decision in her life, “If I die, I die.” This isn’t a “the sky is falling” credo but, recognizing that any manner of realities of living in a fallen world can result in you making the 10:00 News reporting your demise. So I will be addressing other areas of my life that have consequences for Mary and I as we live out the next years of our lives. I will be selfish here. She is all that matters to me. So yes, this may be my last post. You may or may not read even this post. I have me and mine to care for. Thank you for the time you have given to reading and responding to what I have written heretofore. The End.

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